Snapping Function Broken

New to the platform, and unfortunately I have no idea why this is happening. For some reason, every time I add a new visual it automatically goes to the top left of whatever element/container I put it in. How do I turn this off? I want to put the visual wherever I want on the screen.

The most recent item I’ve had trouble moving around is the blue minus sign seen in the center top left. No matter where I drag it, it always goes back to the position you currently see it in.

I went to the Page Index section and tried all Layout options (Fixed, Align to parent, etc.) and none of them work.

Sounds like the parent group of the item you’re trying to move also needs the layout switched to “Fixed”

Keep in mind Fixed actually is bad because its not responsive and your layout can’t adapt to the user’s browser.

But especially if you’re just learning and want to experiment just do fixed for now.

Thank you for the response. It sort of works, but now there’s a new problem.

When I click on (for example) the container the has Number of Rooms in it, the container is brought to the front, and I have to click Send to Back every time. This was finicky before, but now it’s happening every time.

I don’t use fixed ever so not sure if that’s just how they intend it works… but I know if you click on something it might temporarily move it to the front for you to see, but if you click off of it it might go back to where it was.

The layer order is shown in the tree the topmost being at the bottom, does it actually move around on the tree too just by clicking an element?

Normally you’d have groups/elements nested in more groups, right now it looks like everything is just individual elements all in the same group on the page

Got it. It’s likely the layer order, so I will give that a shot! Do you know of a YouTube channel or blog you’d recommend where they go over all these basic concepts?

Again, thank you for your help.

Hmm maybe check the Bubble video library they have Videos | Bubble and click on “LAYOUTS & RESPONSIVE”

Like what you’re showing could be a column group, then in that a column group to hold “Location” and the input box, below that is a row group, inside the row group is two column groups, each holding the text and date/time picker. Then some nice row and column gap to space everything nicely :blush:

I’ll play around with that stuff. Thank you for all the insight!

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