The elements keep snapping

Whenever I try to move the text boxes around or just anything in general, the element will snap into one position and will not move unless I change the margins. However, when I keep adjusting the margins, it ends up impacting the other elements. I also turned off snapping, but it still won’t work. Is there any other way?

Try to see if you parent group of the element is – Align to parent ?

Tried doing that, but it’s still pretty restricted. You can only move the elements to 9 places, and it gets complicated when you have to put one element right next to another since it won’t let you do that.

No, what i meant is the element is sniping because it’s parent group is align to parent choose another type for parent group. Because if parents group is align to parent the child element always snip.

Another reason can you are you using any custom css.