Elements Locked into position

Hi all,

I cannot fee move elements in my containers. for instance if I drag text or a shape into my container it goes to the immediate top left. From video I see I should be able to freely move these elements. Any idea?



Hi there, @hkrlogic… what you are describing sounds like you are using the new responsive engine, and the container layout (on the Layout tab) of the parent group (i.e., the page, group, whatever) is set to something other than fixed. You can only move elements around freely in a container when the container’s layout is set to fixed.

Hope this helps.



Is this also true for resizing of items? For example, I add an input text box. I am not able to then change its size by dragging.
Prefer to change containers by dragging, hence not use the Responsive version?

Resizing by dragging, yes.

Amazing! This fixed my issue. Now I just have to figure out how to align the rest of my page when changing a container. I have multiple containers on my index page. So changing the top one to fixed shifted it all the way left and kept other containers where they were (other containers are not fixed).

I guess I’ll try changing everything on that page to fixed.

Thanks so much!

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I prefer to rezise things by dragging instead of having to manually go and type in to size parameter? Why do Responsive? What does it offer that make it better?
Thanks Mike.

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