So I bought a template but I have a question before I go further

I bought a dashboard template but it’s more so a ux/ui kit if anything… I want to build a saas style tool and I already have wireframes for everything so I know how it will look in the end… my question is, should I lay out the entire thing design wise first and worry about the data after or should I figure out the data structure and workflows/etc first and then worry about design? This will be my first time building a full app in bubble

I would recommend building the backend first wth your front end in mind. Often when building you will run into design changes you need to make in order for the app to work properly because of the backend. It is also common for you to realize you left out a box or graph (etc) or even entire page that needs to be there for the app to work.

Always figure out your product structure which is the database schema as well as the user stories. I am assuming you have built the wireframes keeping in mind the user stories so that should be sorted. Once you implement your DB, then start implementing the design and connecting the workflows. Bubble is really easy even if you have to go back and rework the data structure so don’t worry too much and go for it. All the best with your app

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