SOAP/XML: Need help inserting dynamic data into a soap request

Well, we are very close with bubble making api calls to some soap based web services. For now, I think I’ve run into a blocker where I can’t insert dynamic data (e.g. an input field) into the soap template. It seems that the entire template is replaced.

This does work when the template is json, however.

Here is a screen grab of the issue in the editor:

If I click on ‘insert dynamic data’ here, the entire template is replaced.

Please let me know if this is something you can correct.

It’s a weird behavior of the API Connector. When you try to paste over a highlighted area in your template, it deletes the entire thing. Try deleting the highlighted section first, and then paste without highlighting. That always works for me.

That did it! Thanks for the hint.

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Hi @gcmcnutt . Were you able to get this working in the end? If so, could you please share with us how you configured the API connector to achieve this?

Seems like the UI for configuring an API changed (since @gmcnutt last posted). Although my example shows JSON, it should be good for any type of dynamic payload.

1 - First add the API we want to call (I am testing with

2 - Make a UI with 2 inputs (one for each POST body parameter), and a button, and a text-field to show the result of the POST.

3 - When you click the button, send the POST, while setting the dynamic values from the UI input fields, and save the result.

4 – Here is the UI in action.

5- Here is some more info on it, read the section called API Connector