Social share cards for pop-ups

I’m currently building a social platform where users can publish content.

When a post is created, it publishes a thumbnail preview of the content in a repeating group feed.

When the post is clicked, it opens a pop-up where the full post is then displayed.

The link to the pop-up post included the posts unique ID (although not optimised).


When this link is shared to an external social platform, it simply publishes the link without a social share card.


I’d love to know how to generate a social card that includes the posts image and title.

Would appreciate any insights.

You will need to upgrade to a paid plan to use SEO

If page type of content is empty then it is very limiting on what you can display


From your experience, can you replicate this across pop-ups?

I should have show this screenshot
This is the only data you can show conditionally, if you use a pop up you can contain the title in the url.

Makes sense, appreciate it.


I think if you set the page content type then you will be able to achieve exactly what you want:

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