Storing blog posts (Rich Text) in Bubble's database


I really trying to avoid using a 3rd party as CMS. I am looking to setup a simple way to store ‘content’ but don’t only plain text.

How can I save in the database blog posts, including URLs and images. Because so far, all Rich Text elements are giving a quite poor performance.

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You should user Butter CMS, I struggled with this for a while and their API is the best way to bring blog posts in to your bubble website. You’ll also want to host your blog on subfolder on your website ( instead of a subdomain ( Bubble is not a CMS and the blog articles aren’t meant to be stored in a bubble database, and if you want nice formatting/photos and keeping your app on a subfolder then you’ll need to use Butter or another “headless CMS” there’s just no way around it.

In this case I would stick with (open-source) or Contentful (headless CMS), I am well aware of different CMS, just sometimes neither me or my clients feels like paying to additional 3rd party if we use the Blog once or twice a month.

I feel like its a basic need for every MVP and Bubble really fall between the chairs in this case, as every business needs to scale his own content. The problem that even the while connecting the CMS API, it’s still buggy a lot and it feels like we need to give up on Bubble when it comes to publications.

With all my love to Bubble, I feel that the company (@emmanuel) should priorities it.
This issue have been around since 2016 as far as I search, many have requested and still do for a solution but there is nothing we can do, unless turning to competitors.

EVERY business needs a blog and my request is simple - I’d like to stick with Bubble for storing few paragraphs, urls, and images.

Or please make a simple integration to a major publisher like Ghost (

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You can pull back ghost’s HTML into an HTML element ?


Or use Markdown and store that ?

Yes it is possible, but it would be like putting a Toyota engine in a Ferrari.
It’s rather having the ability to control paragraphs and every thing, rather going to the competitor.

And what about Markdown ?

Posh version…

Hacky version…

@NigelG I must admit you are the only user who brings back the faith in my heart in those dark days :smiley: Never used Markdowns in Bubble. It’s new to me - I am going over it right now!

Thanks for sharing it.

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It actually might work. Is there any examples of it being implemented on a full width page?
Also does the scroll bar is part of the package?

Again, the final goal is just having a simple, readable blog post. Hope it won’t require from me reinventing the wheel…

These are potentially great

It’s still not clear if I can store markdown as a text value in a datatype and then this renders on the page though

Am I misunderstanding?

I managed this in the end.

I wanted to store and image and link in the db