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(SOLVED) Add a text item to a list as a result of toggle/checkbx

I have a page where a user sets up their store, and they can configure the services they provide.

For instance I might say:

check all of the services that apply to you:

Service 1
Service 2
Service 3

When a user checks the corresponding box, I would like to add that option to a list that will be referenced in a drop down. What would be the best way to go about this?

if your drop down is a static list of options, then one of the ways to implement this would be to apply a conditional formatting on a drop down, where you can say that “if a certain checbox is checked” then change the list of options of the drop down to “…”


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I was hoping to do it dynamically

I thought about doing it in static form, but it would require 16 different conditions for combinations of 4 different service options. Not that it isn’t possible, but I’d like to think there is a smarter way.

I was considering creating my own toggle element as a possible workaround.

in that case the list of options as you define them in a drop down (when you choose dynamic list) should contain constraints that will refer to those toggles. Use “do a search for” expression and then you will have constraints there


ahhh, I got it. Thanks @levon!