Dynamic status of checkboxes

Trying to dynamically display status of checkbox saved in database.

Issue checker is telling me it’s a list of yes’s and no’s?

It’s part of a list of details from a custom data type, but it is not a list.

Can you make a copy of your app and make it public (settings) so we can can see what is going on?


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Anyone have any insight to this question?

Your data model has “service locations” (which you call “service location details”) and “air conditioners”. You have a data type for each of those. In your “service location details” data type, you have a field for “air conditioners” but it is a list of air conditioners, so it can contain more than one “air conditioner” thing/type. You are then trying to reference the “condenser coil” field based on which service location is chosen, but since a service location can have multiple “air conditioners”, it can also have multiple “condenser coil” fields. Bubble doesn’t know which “condenser coil” field you would want to use.

In order to make this work, you need to probably add an Air Conditioner Drop down to this as well, so that after picking the service location you also have to pick which air conditioner you want info on.


Oh right thank you for your time Marc.

Any idea why the text and images do not give the same error?

Yes, because those types of fields can be displayed as lists. If you look at your app now, I added a second air conditioner and associated it with you one service location. The new air conditioner only has one value put in it, compressor serial number, to show what happens. If you run the app now and pick the location and look at the compressor serial number field, you will see BOTH serial numbers are being show. That can happen with text or images. But there is no way to have the state of the checkbox be both checked and unchecked, so that particular element is not going to allow lists to be passed to it.


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