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[SOLVED] Can Bubble Run Google AdSense?

Is it possible to run Google AdSense on your Bubble app? If so, how would I do it? I already applied for it through Google and know what I need to add to my site to get it approved. I’m just not sure if there’s a way to add HTML to the site to specify where the ads would go.

I would like to display ads on the sides of all my pages, I specifically left enough room on either side of the pages for ads just to generate a bit of revenue for myself.

Hey Zornman,

This is absolutely possible. How you should implement it depends if you use dynamic pages (hide/view layers) or if you link to new pages.

It is important that you read the simple terms for adsense so you dont make any mistakes on this part.

For a simple implementation just throw in a similar code in a HTML block with your custom adsense settings.

Beware, if using multiple ad placements you need to include the only once via the settings on bubble under SEO and METATAGS->SCRIPT IN THE BODY.

Also read this:

Good luck!


Okay so it’s a little more complex that I thought, I’ll have to read that link you sent me.