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[Solved] Can we Boolean Switch in a workflow?

Hi - is there a way to switch a boolean within a workflow? Right now I have two workflows checking if the value is “yes” or “no” and it runs the corresponding workflow to flip the value. I’d like to just have 1 workflow with something like ‘value = not currentvalue’.


Hey Chris :slight_smile: I’m not sure if this will work for your setup, but you can do something like:

“When value is not [Field]'s value”
Data --> Make Changes to a Thing --> value = [Field]'s value.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply, I think I would still need multiple workflows to set it to true if it’s false and false if it’s true.

I ended up putting together a little workaround. I created a “FlipBoolean” table (thing) like this:

The table only has two rows of data:

So when I need to flip it, I just search my flipboolean table for the current value and set it equal to the flipcase:

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Great idea! I’ll use that method from now on as well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Or you may be able to get what you need with : Value = RG company Descending is ‘no’

+1 I use this too, or flip a single field: value = value is no

On a related note (other than booleans), can get creative with values using “is empty” -> yes/no, then on the result do a “formatted as text”, put whatever you want in the yes or no options; so the same workflow action can handle empty values as well.

Great, thanks - too simple :slight_smile: