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Backup of Apps and Data

If Bubble for some reason has to shut down, what is the fail-safe backup to preserve our app and data? In a typical web hosting plan, the developer of course has the original source code that can be re-installed on a new server, however with Bubble it would appear that there is no backup plan to preserve the app and our collected data. I realize that Bubble has stated that they will make Bubble available via open source so that anyone can run Bubble on a server, however that doesn’t address the question of what happens to our app and the data associated with it. Can anyone shed some light on this question so we can feel more comfortable about ownership of the app and data?

With Bubble you own all of the data. You can export it from the database anytime you’d like. Furthermore, Bubble keeps back-up copies automatically so even if you accidentally delete it, it’ll be retrievable through Bubble for a period of time. So, you shouldn’t have concerns around that.

Thanks, this covers data backup, but we are still concerned with what happens to our app in the event that Bubble goes down.

I’m not sure I understand your question. If Bubble goes away, they open source the platform and you now run your app on your own server, with your data. What answer are you looking for, specifically?

In the event that Bubble goes away… I will have my data backed up. I will have the platform as open source. However it is not clear to me if I will have my actual app. Can my app files be backed up (in the same way as data) so that I can easily re-implement the app with the open source platform running on my own server? It’s all fine to have the data and the platform, but what about the app itself?? This is still unclear to me.

Yes, you will get the app itself as well.

And in this unlikely event, is there any indication of how long it will take for the platform, app, and data to be made available to us? Part of the challenge with cloud-based platforms like this is understanding the potential downtime associated with a mission critical failure of this type. Ideally we would want to ensure that there is a seamless transition, but it doesn’t appear that this would be possible in such a scenario as Bubble going down. Is this an accurate statement?

Conceptually, you’re 100% accurate in saying there is no guarantee of a seamless transition. It could be pretty killer for businesses built on Bubble if it’s handled wrong by the team, no doubt. Fortunately, all the interactions we’ve had with the team at Bubble lead me to believe they’d handle it gracefully and thoughtfully.

I would imagine it would look similar to how Parse shut down, but we really don’t know. Ideally, the founders would say, “We’re shutting down on X date in the future, and here’s the path to migrate all your stuff so you don’t lose service. We’re sorry to have to do this, but we wanted to make sure you all had enough time to keep your apps up and running without disruption blah blah blah.”

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Seems reasonable. Would be good to hear that from someone at Bubble.