SOLVED: Change link based on a field

So i have a dat type topic, the contents of the topic can be presented one of two ways (lets call it A or B) both types have a very specific layout & this is achieved with two different pages, both of which have type topic, but present the data in very different ways.
I also have a page with a list of topics, and the user can click on a topic to show the relevant page (type A or type B) Currently I have a group which is linked to type A, how can I make the link change depending on the type of topic? The type of topic is stored as a field, so I assume it will be something like:
if(topic-type=A) then destination: show-type-A.html
if(topic-typeBA) then destination: show-type-B.html
How do I achieve this please?

Clarification: When I say a link, I mean a workflow which uses the “goto page” action
Thanks in advance

For anyone wondering the same, I worked it out. Use “only when type is A” to forward the user to the type A page, and the same for type B! A lot more simple than I thought it would be!