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[solved] Checking conditions in lists of things


I’d like to have a visual representation if there is a thing with specific attribute present in another thing’s list of things. How do I check for it?

For example there are some possible authentication methods that the users can add, remove and manage. For example let there be “national ID card” and “NFC”. There can be more than one method of the same type present.
And I want the dashboard icon for each of them light up if any of the respective authentication methods are present and activated.

What would be the best method to run the test?

Ok, solved it myself :slightly_smiling:

First tried to see if parent group’s thing’s list of things included the necessary value and it didn’t work. At all.

Then it dawned me that I should rather be using a search and voilà. There it was. Just do a specific search, check for conditions there and you’re off on your way.

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