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[SOLVED] Dashboard rendered wrong

After log in, the dashboard is right, but then the end of trial pops up, and after closing it, the dashboard is rendered wrong - content is moved to left and cropped, menu itens too and not visible, and the lessons links are not working.

OSX El Capitan and safari

I don’t see this on my laptop. Does it still happen when you reload the page. If so, can you open the console and see if there is something red there?

Do you have any firewall or anything like this? this looks like something is blocking certain things to load.

I use OpenDNS. It tries to blocks some things, like adult content sites or security threats. Maybe is it? Before the trial pop up, it loaded fine…

There shouldn’t be any relation. Can you email us at support with your account?


It’s a Safari related problem: it will crop content overtime a popup shows and hide. Chrome or Firefox works fine.