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Popup Hides Design / Data When Closed

I have been experiencing an issue for some time - when a popup is closed it hides all sorts of text, groups, etc. Half a group will suddenly be cut off. Its really weird. I have tried to avoid popups to this point because of this problem, but I figure its time I ask. Has anybody experienced similar issues with popups?

My app is fairly complex, so perhaps it is a size issue?

Can you show a screencast? Or if you have a reliable way to reproduce a bug report?

Bug report sent.

Also, this doesn’t seem to be native to my app. I was just browsing It seems @levon has programmed a popup to trigger when the current page scroll is near the bottom of the page. This popup disarranges the rest of the site. If you scroll back up, all of the text is hidden.

I couldn’t recreate the issue that you mentioned. It maybe specific to your pc or browser? Maybe a Java issue? Did you try on other computers?

I was experiencing this popup issue on my previous Macbook, as well as my current one, which is not more than two weeks old.

It’s a Safari flaw, Chrome or Firefox works fine.

Now I just use pop up if the page will be redirect or refreshed, like in login process. Other uses I’m using flowing groups.