[SOLVED] Date and time?!


Is it possible to display the date and the time in french on time picker?

Yes, just pick French as a language in the settings tab.

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Hello Emmanuel,

French is currently our languages in the settings.
But it is saved in us format in the database and so displayed in the us format.


Can you paste a link with a date picker?

Data Base date format

Right, we do this for run mode, not edit mode (the software is in english anyway)

OK, so in the live version it will be ok ? (not sure to understant what you mean by “run mode” ^^)

Yes, run mode means the app when it’s running, edit mode means the editor.

ok, thanks a lot :smile:

In our live version https://bubble.io/site/salon-education2015/
the dates are diplayed in us format. Not in french.

You have to add a formatted as after the date for a local format to apply.

Sorry Emmanuel, but where to we have to specify formatted at ?

  • in the form when we add the data ?
  • in the text that display the date ?


In the text element. pick formatted as after the date.


Thanks, i did that but the result is 11/19/15
I can’t format as 19/11/15 in the french format…
There is also novembre 4 but the french format is 4 novembre. The day number first
Bubble create a mix beetwen french & us format :slight_smile:

Check what I did in your app: use the custom format and just type “dd/mm/yy”

The date/time form input also needs to allow the display format to be specified.

I note there is only one “english” option, but there needs to be at minimum US and UK English, with UK users seeing the date in “dd/mm/yyyy” format. As things stand, I don’t expect many Brits would be prepared to use Bubble generated apps, as the potential for incorrectly entered dates is simply too great.

Ideally we should be able to add our own translations, and these should include application strings as well as standard Bubble messages. Each language/variation should allow localisation settings such as date and numeric format, currency symbol etc.


Has there been any movement on this -

  1. Can my users use the calendar app to pick and show a date range for a listings availability and to select a date range where they want to book it a listing. Ie. “my parking space is available from 13 March 2016 to 13 March 2017” " I want to book your parking space between 14 March 2016 and 14 September 2016"

  2. I need my users to be able to input and show the date as an english version “dd/mm/yyy” is this available to do?

Many Thanks

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You can SOLVED this discussion :slight_smile: