Multi Language Date Format

Working on a project with both English and French language options. The app is in english primarily but users can select French. Does anyone have a simple way to show the dates or similar items in another language without using option sets to mix and match?

Maybe you can save the formatting in the database as something like: and use this as custom format?

But I’m not sure if the date formatting is dynamic as I’m on the phone right now.

Another solution would be to save the language of the current user in the database and make the date conditional: if current users language = french → display french format

and if its english just normal format….

Thank you! It appears that if your use the bubble language in settings it will change the dates, however the user must reload the page first for them to be effected

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thats because bubble doesn’t load all languages on page load as it would take time and for page speed its better to load just one language than all of them.

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