Filtering by date

Hi guys. I have a problem with filtering date based on 2 date and time picker. I have a repeating table where the data will be shown but when I choose same date on both of date and time picker, it does not show a record which it should be according to my database as you can see on the images below.

Thank you everyone for answering.

Here are the information for the conditions.

  1. Is Created Date the date of the order?

  2. Have you got any privacy rules?

  1. Yes, I decided to make the ‘Created date’ the date of order since it will be added on the database on the day the customer made an order.
  2. No, I allowed admin users to view all information and this view is from an administrator.

I think those search constraints would only match if Created date is exactly at midnight in the user’s local timezone

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Date Time pickers will set the time to 12am.

If you want to include Picker D’s value you’ll need to do something like this

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Thank you @ihsanzainal84 . I will try this.

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Hi @ihsanzainal84 . I tried this but it still data from current date/time is not showing.

Is there a reason you’ve used the date time picker formatted as X rather than date picker’s value is empty as the condition? This isn’t the source of the problem it just makes your life a little more confusing. There’s probably something you’re not showing us so an editor link would be useful

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Thank you. That made me realize it. It’s working now.

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