[SOLVED] Date/TimePicker takes too long to get to years

When using the Date/TimePicker to allow the user to choose a birthday, if that user was born a long time ago, it takes forever to get back to the year.

Am I missing something, or could this be done better? I made a video below to show it.

Yeah, beyond the obvious problem you highlight, I also don’t think the date/time picker has the right interface for what you’re trying to do. As a user, I want to type in my birthday because I already know the date, and I don’t want to fuss with any extra interfaces or dropdowns to do so.

Whereas, the date/time picker interface is useful when I want to know what day of the week a particular day is, for example.

So, I’d recommend using a different format to enable users to input their birthday.

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Either that or Air Date Time picker plugin has a good interface for this (as it can start by displaying decades).

A regular input formatted as type date Isn’t a bad way to do it either. (In fact, if bubble fixed a bug there, an input could take nearly any damn date format be it 6/1/1941, 1 jun 1941, June 1 1941, etc etc ad infinitum. It uses moment.js and in fact converts text to date objects automagically. However, the Issue Checker does not know this and so throws an error, which keeps you from deploying to Live.)

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Thank you both - those are two great answers.

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