Using DateTime Picker for date of birth

If you use the DateTime Picker and click “Display dropdowns to pick month year” it displays drop-downs for year and month, This should allow entry of date of birth but the years only go back to 1991. However, if you click on 1991 in the drop-down, you can see years before 1991 but only back to 1972. If you click on that you can get to earlier years. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Did not know that! On a second round I got to 1961

Perhaps explore other calendar plugins if you do not like this.

The default date is today. Initially, I only looked backward so I discovered the 30-year limit in the past. As an experiment, I set the initial content to 01/01/1900. It has a 30-year span in both directions before you have to pick a year to create a new span. That’s enough for most apps but makes it essentially useless for date of birth and other dates such as you’d find in real estate and a host of other industries.

Not really a bug but definitely a serious and very odd limitation.

Agreed. Did you find a solution to it (except for using another date/time picker)?