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SOLVED - Doing a search for Events with a certain Date/Time invalidates the search

Hello bubblers,

I’ve been trying to create an event scheduling app and am currently working on having a text that displays the Event created by the users name. When searching for the event I wish to look for events matching a certain Date/Time based on the Date/Time the user scheduled for that event and the current week, but anytime I try to search for the event with a Date/Time constraint, nothing shows up. If I search for it without a Date/Time constraint and just look for a random event created by the user, then an event shows up, but it isn’t the correct one for the listed day. I’m thinking that the app is searching for the correct date, but the time doesn’t match up so nothing ends up being shown (Or at least that is my best guess at what the issue is).

How would I make it so the search only focuses on the date and encompasses all possible times for that date?

Below is what the text’s dynamic data looks like. I am using a ‘dayoftheweek’ plugin in order to find what day of the week’s data should be displayed, based on what week the user has displayed.

Here is what the page looks like in the design tab vs the preview tab.


Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated and if needed more information can be provided.

A few different things you could do.

  1. Instead of using an equals sign in the constraint setup two constraints for the date with the first using a greater than or equal to comparison and the second using a less than or equal to comparison…this way you can basically constrain by a range. When I do this the less than or equal to comparison I change the hour to 23, min to 59 and seconds to 59 to get the end of the day.

  2. Instead of comparing by date data, change it using the formatted as operator into a text and format it as a simple date without the time component.

From what you show in the screen shot of your current setup, I think approach 1 is better.

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I used the first approach and it worked!
Thank you so much for the help.