[SOLVED] Feedback questionnaire

Dear all,

As part of a bigger App I am trying to implement in Bubble a “feedback questionnaire”:
You have a list of sentences and you need to rate your agreement with every statement from -2 (Strongly disagree) to +2 (Strongly agree)
Moreover, I would like to keep track of the number of people that have provided feedback on every statement and the final score of that statement.

In order to do so, I have created:

  • A data type called “Criteria” and a page called “Criteria_repository” that contains a repeating group displaying all Criterias (their title, descrpition, number of votes and score)
  • Two buttons in the the page “Criteria_repository”, one called “Create criteria” only visible for users with read access and one called “Give feed-back” visible for everyone.
  • When you click on “Give feed-back” you are taken to a page called “Feed-back_giving” where there is a repeating group with all the Criteria and a dropdown per cell where you can vote -2, -1, 0, +1 or +2.
  • My problem is: I have tried to create a workflow that makes a change to the Current cell’s Criteria by adding the value of the dropdown to the Current cell’s Criteria’s score, however I get an error message.

I have three questions:

  1. Do you know where the error message is coming from?
    (I thing that the problem is that the dropdown is considered text and therefore it cannot be added to the score, which is a number)

  2. If my assumption is right:
    Do you know how to change the dropdown value to numbers?

  3. Can you think of any other way to allow the people to rate the sentences?

The link to my App is:

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

The issue is that your dropdown choices are technically text characters. This element doesn’t have a way of defining whether choices are number or text characters, and since you’re adding numbers, your choices need to be understood as numbers.

I’d think that the slider element would be great here, but it doesn’t seem to work with negatives (@emmanuel?). Other than that, you could save your number choices in your database (as numbers) and instead of static options in the dropdown, use dynamic options and pull them up that way. They’ll then be read as numbers and you can add them.

Yep it doesn’t support negative numbers right now, though you could simple do a input’s value - 5 to get from 0-10 to -5-5

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Thanks! It works nicely now

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Hi @jmsgdt,
This is similar to what I am going to do but I couldn’t see the app, I think the link isn’t working anymore.
when you are on the ‘feed-back_giving’ page, you display the criteria from the criteria table. But how do you display the value of the slider / drop down if the user has given the feedback? It appears this slider / drop down isn’t linked to any table or anything? so you only perform insert after the button is clicked?