[SOLVED] Full Calendar plugin - cell click shows popup

Hi all,

I have the Full Calendar plugin but I am unable to show a popup when the calendar is clicked because there are no workflow options relating to the plugin?

When following this tutorial at 9min 30 sec he has a few options to choose from … where are mine!?

You’ve typed ‘ca’ into the action search box for some reason…

Delete that and you should see the full list of actions.

Hi @adamhholmes I typed ‘ca’ into the action search box just to show that there’s nothing coming up when I start to type ‘calendar’. The workflow plugins section should have options for the calendar but there are none?

Screenshot 2022-06-18 121728

The Full Calendar plug-in doesn’t have any actions, so I’m not sure what other actions you’re referring g to there…

But your question was about showing a pop up (as was the tutorial), so for that you just need to use the regular show element action (as per the tutorial)

I have just solved it!

I was incorrectly right clicking on the calendar and attempting to find the Event ‘Calendar A’s event is clicked’ which is required to show a popup when a calendar cell is clicked.

The correct way is to click on the calendar and then create a new event, from there you can select ‘Calendar A’s event is clicked’.