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[SOLVED]How can I move a dropabblegroup back to its location?

hi, when I click an icon a dropabblegroup will move, then when I click the same icon again the dropabblegroup will move to the top of the page. How can I make the dropabblegroup move back to the same location they were before and not the top?

Click the handyman icon in the preview to see what im saying:

My guess is you have an element that’s height is collapsed when hidden. Since I can’t see how you’ve structured the visual elements, however, I’m not able to give you a precise answer.

thank you

No problem, I hope it helped. Did you use my solution or another to solve your issue?

well I used another solution, but your solution made me realize what the problem was. I don’t know if I am going to be able to explain very well, but the problem was that the element that my dropabblegroup was being moved to was hidden and I had the action to toggle that element when the icon was clicked. So when the icon was clicked for second time that element would dissapear and the dropabblegroup would go to the top. So I made that element visible (with no background) and removed the toggle action, so when the icon was clicked for a second time the group wouldn’t move. So I added a new element to the droppablegroup default postion and a hidded element on top of the icon . So I added a new action that made the element in the icon position become visible when the icon was clicked for the first time. Then I added another action so that when the element that on top of the icon was clicked it would move the dropabblegroup to the group that was on its default location. Kinda hard to explain
Here’s the result:

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hehe cool, glad you got it figured out. also, I’m looking forward to your app’s showcase…I need some good reading material for in there! :smiley:

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