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[SOLVED] How do I add objects to a floating group?

For a regular group I can select the elements and make it a group.
But for floating groups I am having trouble with the group taking all of the elements.
Is there a particular order or method that needs to be followed?

Thank you!

Create the element and drag it into the floating group. It works the same way for all groups. However, it could be a bit tricky sometimes if you have lots of groups covering each other.

Your element needs to fit inside the group. If you click and hold, you can see what group you are currently placing the element in. It’s marked with a red line. Also, when element’s inside a group, X & Y relates to the group borders, not the page.

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So easy (once you know)!
Thank you!

hehe. :slight_smile: Anytime. Good luck with your build.

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