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{SOLVED} How do I use Bubble API to create a "thing" on every successful stripe charge?

This question is in reference to subscriptions. Every time a user is successfully charged I want to create a new “Package” that contains a certain quantity of services to be redeemed based on which subscription they subscribed to. From what I’ve seen on here, this would be accomplished through the bubble API. I’ve looked at the reference, but I’m still unsure of where to start. All help is much appreciated, thanks!

Edit: @emmanuel I just read another answer from you (link below) that was very helpful.

So I now have web hooks setup within stripe and I’m able to successfully send the request to bubble. All good there. So my current workflow as follows

  1. On every successful charge I create an new stripe “event notifier” in the database and save the event ID

From here I want to create a package (thing) and pull the following pieces of data from the stripe event to fill out various fields:

  1. The customers email
  2. the customers plan type (I have this setup as metadata)

Thanks as always, the support here has been awesome!

Edit 2:

Okay, I figured out that issue, for anyone else, here is the process.

To get the customers email (retrieve’d from customer id"

  1. Email= “Get stripe customer”
  2. It then asks for customer ID
    3.Retrieve customer by ID from the event id from the notifier you just created. this can be done by using the “retrieve from last step” option.
  3. Once you have the customer ID, you can pull the customer ID’s email.

I have run into another issue that I need a workaround for, but will post as a new topic.