[SOLVED] How do you connect radio buttons to data?

General question. I might have missed something but I can’t seem to figure it out.

I only see “auto binding” in the properties screen. No workflow option available.

What data type should I use for radio buttons. I have three options available.
woman, man, n/a


You can set the data type to “text” then you can set the field to the RadioButton’s Value.

The trigger is when the radio button is changed.


Thanks @NigelG! Ofc simple solution. Can’t say why got stuck.

Btw, do you suggest the same formatting when it comes to birthday?
[month] [day] [year]

For radio buttons ? That would be complicated, I would user the built in date picker ?

Nah, I’m using drop downs now. I was more thinking about the data actually. I have it formatted as text there too.

Reason why thinking about it I guess is that correct formatting makes it easier later, from a data usage and analysis perspective.

I haven’t used the date picker yet. I’ll check it out.

Looked at the date picker. IMO not optimal for birth dates of when someone was born.

How do you set the data type to text?