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[SOLVED] Bubble editor menu collapse functionality

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the bubble editor was built with bubble? I really like the fluidness of the bubble editor drop-down movement. I.e. when I click the “Elements tree” button, the content slides down. So far I haven’t been able to replicate that using the workflow animate functionality, it feels more clunky in that it “jumps” the content below down and then the animation takes place.

Has anyone been able to replicate the editor movement?


Use groups, and set them to collapse/expand based on a custom state. Set each group to collapse when hidden, and animate the collapse operation.

Ah I see it now, I’ll give it a try thank you!

Okay I was able to get it to work, but it still isn’t as smooth or as pretty looking as the Bubble Editor. When I hide the group 1 content and group 2 below slides up, it slides behind group 1 and then disappears and looks messy. Also, the slide doesn’t look as smooth as the bubble editor.

Has anyone gotten this UI feature to look as professional as the Bubble Editor?

Can you recreate this in the forum app, so I can help you? Functionality as smooth as the editor is possible.

I’ve added it to the forum app, thanks again for your help!

Click on the button on the top right

Try that. I placed the repeating group inside of another group.

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Excellent, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. The only problem is now I’m having trouble replicating it on my app.

If the collapsed group and the repeating group are not grouped together, how does the repeating group know that it needs to be higher on the page when the collapsed group is hidden? Mine just sits below the collapsed group when it’s hidden.


From the reference: “When his box is checked, the elements under the current group will be moved up when the group is being hidden.”

I assume you have some sort of element impeding the collapse operation. If you don’t want to group them together, then move whatever other objects are inline with the repeating group. Share your app if you need help.

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I’ll take another stab at it, thanks again!

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