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Dial numbers from the app

I’ve been searching for ways to take a phone number for a contact in the app and have it dial the number using the user’s phone dialer or at least populate in the user’s dialing screen (whether Android or Apple) so they can click call or message. The one forum I’ve seen says to add a link to an external URL using tel:(1234567890). This works to bring up the dialer, but no phone number is populated in the actual field. I’m not sure if this requires an external API or some sort of plugin to work, since at that point the app is copying the phone number from itself to the phone app for the user. I implemented the direct emailing link just fine, so it opens or requests an application from the user to use as the default emailing app and it loads the “To:” field with the email address in question. I haven’t been able to copy this with phone numbers.

You are close - google “click to call” or look at this

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I see. Would I pull the phone number from the database the same way and have it populate within the HTML code, or would I have to manually enter the phone number for each contact within my database?

(square brackets reflecting the logic selected within

Contact: [RepeatingGroup Directory's List of Directorys's Supplier Name]:     
<a href="tel :[RepeatingGroup Directory's List of Directorys's Phone Number: formatted as US Phone] "> [RepeatingGroup Directory's List of Directorys's Phone Number] <a/> 
E-Mail: [RepeatingGroup Directory's List of Directorys's E-mail]

or would I be stuck manually entering:

Supplier's Name <a href="tel :+1-555-555-5555 "> +1 (555) 555-5555 <a/>

for each contact?

Nevermind! The first case was actually the solution. I was typing the HTML code directly into the text box instead of dragging in the actual HTML element from visual elements. I was able to add the Bubble logic within the HTML code so it will populate the names and phone numbers for each resulting link in the database. It also transfers the phone number from the app and into the phone dialer for both Apple and Android.

Thanks a lot!

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