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[Solved] How to make "+seconds" calculate correctly with a minutes field in DB?

I have a database field with a number of minutes stored in it (let’s call it X). I’m looking to display a time that is X minutes from a start time. What’s a good way to make this display?

The obvious answer seems to be to use this formula:

Start Time +seconds ______ …but, in the blank, I cannot type X*60. And, there’s also not option to do Start Time +minutes ____.

I’d prefer not to have to create a new database field where I’m storing X minutes as a total number of seconds since it’s a best practice to not repeating yourself with 2 different fields in a DB. As such, does anyone know a way to calculate this in the expressions/formula?


A typical hack here is to use a Custom State on some element, so that you can store the value somewhere temporarily without saving it to the DB.


Thanks @emmanuel.

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