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[SOLVED] How to remove/add a droppable element from/to a Dropzone in a repeating group?

I would like to be able to add a thing to a Dropzone when a thing is dropped on it (repeating group) and remove think from a Dropzone when a thing is dragged out.

I am able to add thing to Dropzone but I can’t figure out to remove thing from a Dropzone when a thing is dragged out.

I can’t figure out when to add and when to delete. Should I have use state?


Follow @vega.andrew guide explained here Drag - Drop Reorder Your Repeating Group

Then do this:

That is all you need to implement Trello like app.


Make sure to add this to prevent the droppable element to be added/removed from his repeating group…

There is a limitation with the current approach, there must at least one task in the list to drag a new one.

Just fixed the limitation! You need to add another Dropzone on your TOP repeating group and follow the same recipe above. This is an improvement over which does not allow to add a task in an empty list. @levon

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