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[SOLVED] How to transfer user (inc. password) to new app

Hello everybody,

I did some minor changes in one bubble app. Simoultanously I developed a big update in a different bubble app. Now the big update is finally ready and I would like to transfer the data. Sounds easy because I can export it via CSV and import it again. However this does not work with my users, since I am not able to export the passwords. What is the solution to transfer my users to the new app?

I tried to use the bubble app connector but did not get it running. It does not connect my two apps:

PS: Second question since I have not reached the step: Transfering my custom domain to the new app should be easy right?

somebody :)?

After talks with Emmanuel I came up with a solution. Obviously there is no way of transfering a user data base to a new app. However there is a workaround:

  1. Delete all your pages of your live/old app in the developer mode
  2. Copy the pages of your “new” app in the “old” app. Make sure to simply use the “copy” function. The function “Copy with workflows” does not work, but the “copy” function copies the workflows anyways. Copying a whole site will prompt bubble to create a new site.
  3. Fix bugs (there will be many because some sites loose connection between each other)

As a summary I would recommend people not to create a new app in order to develop a completely new version. Instead create copies of all pages and name them index_new. In the end you can delete the old ones and simply rename the new ones.


Thanks @paul.miller.germany. Great insights here. Can you elaborate on why there is no way of transfering a user database to a new app. Is it simply because the passwords can’t be ported over?

Any idea whether we could port passwords off of bubble into a custom application if that was ever needed? Or, are we locked in? (I presume we’re not locked in, but figured it’d be good to verify)

As far as I understood Emmanuel it is not so easy for them to get the user passwords out. Therefore transporting the users to an external app might be an issue as well.

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