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[Solved] Inserting dynamic fields in rich text

I am working on a survey tool where questions are saved in a data type and connected to a category through a list:

Category --> List of Questions

I set up a quick and dirty admin page to add questions:

Is there a way to insert dynamic fields into the text? For exampe, “My nearest leader” would optimally be replaced by the leader’s name, to rule out misunderstandings of which person you are giving feedback to. It might also say “I like to work at my company”, where my company should be replaced with the company’s name, to make it more tailored for each client. (Leader’s name and company name would of course be fields in the database already)

Any thoughts?

You can use some text code, example ##MY_COMPANY## that is unlikely to belong to a normal question, then :find & replace to replace the code in the template with dynamic values.

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Awesome, I’ll try that right away. Thanks @mishav!

It worked like a charm, marking this as solved. Thanks again!

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