String concatenation: how to concatenate two strings into a text field

I’d like to concatenate two strings into a text element.

What have you tried? Usually, you can just insert dynamic data, hit the space bar, insert more dynamic data. Depends on your exact use case, tho.


Thanks. It´s indeed so simple that I missed it.

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How are you inserting the space bar?

When i hit the space bar, it just ignore it when i view it

In case someone searches for this later- I figured out that if I use the Rich Text Editor, I can insert spaces in between dynamic data and the field will display the way I want

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Still unable to figure out how to add space between fields when concatenating two fields such as first name and last name. The placeholder box using Dynamic entries ignores the spaces.

Put your dynamic value then click outside of that and add your constant space/text then click again to get another dynamic value.

But how to do that in the CREATE A NEW THINGS?

The same exact way :+1:t2:

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