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[solved] Internal url in rich text editor

I have an app in which I allow some users to create something similar to a blog post.
Such a post must be able to reference another page of my app, regarding of the actual domain name.
So I thought of using the rich text editor to allow user to type text (becaue I need formatting), and when they add a like starting by “home”, y replace “home” by he website home url.
However this does not work, and I can’t find why.

I used the find & replace function on the post text, and replaced “[url=home” by “[url=Website’s home url”.
However, when I do this, the text displaying the content of the post just displays nothing…

Is there something preventing to modify tags in BBCode ?

got it working by doingasearch for “[url=home/” (escaping the bracket is important here) and checking the “use regex” option.
I don’t why why it didn’t work without regex…

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