(Solved) Limiting currency input

When I attempt to limit the input range on a currency, I’m able to input a higher number in my range.


What does this range actually input? How can I limit a length of text that a user I can type in while keeping the currency format?

There are two different concepts at play: validation of what the user types and restricting the number of characters a user can type.

  • Validation checks to see whether what the user provides is within the constraints you provide.
  • Restrictions based on character type limits the actual number of characters that can be entered into the input.

For minimum and maximum, it is performing a validation. (Ex. say you format your cell to turn the border to red when an erroneous value is entered).

If it’s necessary to limit the number of characters, but only allow for numbers, then you want to use the text (numbers only) content format. (Note: you may not be able to access the currency field as you mentioned, but you can put a text element near the field to indicate a currency type).

Dan (creator of LearnTo)


Gotcha. That makes sense. Much appreciated!

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