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[SOLVED] MAJOR issue with users and repeating lists

For some background, I have an app in production that is a fully functioning business that employs a good number of people that we rely on our Bubble app for everything with our customers. With no changes or updates, all repeating groups that are based on users have ceased functioning and are all empty. The database is fine. Repeating groups for anything other than users works fine. This essentially makes us unable to conduct any transactions at all.

I’m posting here to see if anyone else is experiencing anything similar, and also to try to get Bubble’s attention in any way possible (I have contacted them in every avenue they have on their site). My company will be in an absolute world of hurt if I can’t get this fixed tonight. If anyone from Bubble is reading this, please check your email. My contact info is in there.

I am having the same issue as well. All repeating groups that show registered users and their information are blank. Hopefully they fix it soon.

I don’t what they are doing but it is causing a lot of problems. Make sure to send a bug report. @eve

I am seeing the same issue. Strangely for me it isn’t affecting all lists of users just some, and all other data types are fine.

Those lists then work when the debugger is on.

I’ll submit a bug report also.

We identify the issue, and are pushing a fix, should be live in 15 minutes. Sorry about this guys.


@emmanuel Thank you!