[SOLVED] Need help displaying current page's custom state in input placeholder

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone could help me with an issue I’m facing. I’m trying to display the current page’s custom state’s (number) value in an input’s placeholder.

I have 3 inputs for columns A, B and C…


… when one of them is changed, it updates the values of the other 2.


But, as you can see, only the input which was changed (in this case input A) shows it’s new value, the others remain ‘stuck’.

The line showing Input colB width and Input colC widthis the custom state so I know it is updating correctly. However, when I try to use the same identical code for the input’s placeholder or initial value, it doesn’t update the inputs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Put a custom state onto an element. Then in your input element, use a dynamic expression in the placeholder to reference the custom state on the element.

However, your problem looks like you are attempting this in a repeating group, and likely did not create the custom state on an element in the cell of the repeating group. You can simply put a custom state onto an element in the same cell as the input and reference the elements custom state, but the complication comes from how are you setting the custom state value of the element in the repeating group cell. If this is not done from inside the cell of the repeating group, you should use a free plugin called Orchestra. If it is done from inside the cell of the repeating group it is simple, just like when not done from a repeating group.

Thanks for reply … however this is what I have done … the page holds the custom states and the input value is a dynamic expression. Strange that it’s not working.

However, your problem looks like you are attempting this in a repeating group

No, the inputs are just individual on the page. I just placed them above one another as I am testing and not focused on design currently.

Then you need a custom state for each individual input you will use

They all have separate custom states, but I think I have found the solution. It seems that adding a ‘Reset inputs’ state after all input workflows does the trick.