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(solved - not sure how!) Autocomplete creating 3 new entries as opposed to just one

Hi all,

Any help here greatly appreciated.

I am new to the Autocomplete scenario. I am trying to use an autocomplete to search and select from a list of things (in this case ‘Skills All’), and create a new thing (field ‘Skill’) if it doesn’t exist.

Whenever I type something that doesn’t exist, it creates 3 new things instead of just 1. Can anyone advise as to why, and what I need to do here? Workflows below…

A few questions I have:

  • How many characters are you typing in your search term?
  • Are the skills that get added all the same?
  • If not, are they the individual components of the search term? Example: “Dog” creates 3 skills: D, O, and G

Thanks for helping here…

It is creating three items as follows…

If I add ‘Banana’, it will add ‘Banana’, 'Banana (1), and ‘Banana (2)’

Seems to be doing it no matter how many characters in the input.

I think this is gonna be tough to diagnose without a link to the editor. Seems like a tricky one

Actually - I have just noticed, it is adding 3 of the same - so ‘Banana’, ‘Banana’ and ‘Banana’, but in the autocomplete suggestions when I start typing Banana again, it lists ‘Banana’, ‘Banana (1)’ and ‘Banana (2)’.

It’s stumping me - I really can’t see why it’s doing it.