SOLVED - Responsiveness and Text Font Size not working

I’ve looked thru the forum about this problem and thought I had it solved but now wondering if it’s a bug. I’m running a little experiment to have text size change depending on page width (see pics below). The color change and the underline work perfectly - but the font size doesn’t change. I’ve tried on iphone, Chrome laptop and Safari laptop. I’ve tried different page width in the criteria and it didn’t make a difference.

Am I setting it up wrong or is this a bug?


This works all the time for me. Can you screenshot the actual text. From the name of the text element, I think I know the problem.

Does this help?

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It looks like you have set a size of 7, perhaps within the rich text editor? You would want to remove that. Otherwise, it works for me.



Yeah, exactly what @mebeingken said.

Thanks Ken & Daniel - that fixed it!

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