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Responsive Input + problems

Hey guys!
I’m having problems with the input box.
The page is responsive, but when I activate the input it breaks the responsiveness, activates the keyboard and the page is wider than the cell phone’s width.

The input breaks responsiveness and when the keyboard comes back, the page hangs like a pendulum.

Can anyone help me?

Hey @cjpraia :wave:

I know that can be frustrating for sure.

Can you share a screenshot please? I have a feeling I might know what is going on but just want to be sure. :blush:

Hello again thanks for always wanting to help. When giving focus to the input, the element and the group it belongs to undergoes a kind of zoom, unconfiguring the screen. It only unconfigures the screen when it is on the real device, not the simulator. testing on iphone X

No worries. Happy to help out. :blush:

Ok, that’s what I was thinking. If you change the font sizes on the inputs to 16 does that fix the issue?

Safari has an automatic zoom when they detect that the font is too small on an input. 16 font size is the minimum unless you want to add some code to your page. Let me know if that helps. :blush:

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It worked.
You are awesome

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