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( SOLVED ) -Reusable header issues

Hi, am having problems with my reusable header and it’s driving me crazy! somebody help please! Now am not sure how to explain my issue but i made this header to reuse it in every other page in my website but now everytime i run a page which has that particular website it shows a different header! Its not completely different from my header but its different because there is some text that appears that is not in my real header! Now another thing is that this header that keeps appearing calls itself Header-A, that’s not how i have named my header! My header doesn’t have the hyphen then A, but now i don’t know where this particular header is coming from. Even when i check my headers in the element tree i only see my header not this other one that keeps appearing. What am i doing room, or maybe am using headers all wrong?
Somebody please help.

It’s really hard to know what’s going on without seeing the app itself. Could you please share a link to the editor (make sure the app is set to public) so we could take a look?

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Hi @potentialthings,thank you for your response.

I have just managed to solve the problem, it had to do with google chrome’s translation feature, which kept translating some english text to spanish e.g “SALES” to “YOU GO OUT” . This had me thinking it was a different header. On disabling the feature on chrome, it’s all good now! Thank you.

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