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[Solved] Send another user from one page to another

Not sure why this is causing me problems… I want to send a user that is selected by another user from a dropdown input field to another user when a button/link is clicked.

First I wanted to do it in the header, but the reusable element is not able to reference an input field on the page. Now I have the user dropdown field on each page and I need to pass the user along those pages. At first I had all the ‘stages’ on one page, but the load got too heavy so I decided to split it up.

It would be very nice to not having to keep selecting the user you need to work on from the dropdown when moving from page to page. The main problem I face is the fact that I need a User and I seem to only be able to pass text.

Question is hard to follow, can you put some examples on the forum app.

I had hoped my question was clear :smiley: Clearly I was wrong…

Anyway, have a look here:

The dropdown searches users, when you click the button ‘logistics’ you go to that page. I want the dropdown on that page to display the same name as the one on the page you are leaving.

You could add the “create a new thing…” after the “goto page”, the data could be the email the user choose. On the dropdown on the next page you could set a condition that replaces the default value with the email the user created.

Thanks, I think going this route looks like the best solution. I cant get it to work just yet, but I’ll play with this idea a bit more. Something like a field on the current user instead of a new thing.

I was thinking along the lines of passing parameters to pages and hadn’t explored this option yet. Thanks!

Your welcome, when it comes to bubble its all about being creative and improvising.

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This was so much easier than I thought. Sometimes you just have to step back for a bit and return to things later :smiley:

Anway, this is what I did:

Created a field on Current user (which in this case is someone with a manager role) called ‘temp_email’

On each of my admin pages I have this all users dropdown input field and I created a workflow that would change the ‘temp_email’ field to ‘This Dropdown’s Value’ each time a new user is selected in the dropdown list.

As a default for the dropdown input I put "current user’s temp_email’s value’. Works like a charm and the best thing is, it also works for the header which is a reusable element.

Of course I have been using a similar approach to display different views for clients in different stages of their buying cycle (like ‘booked’ (yes/no), accepted, finalized, shared etc) I just hadn’t thought about it for this purpose :thinking:

Anyway, just wanted to paint the full picture here :slight_smile: