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I'm new. Data sending when changing page

Hello, I am new to Bubble. I have gone threw the trainings and messed around with the example sites, but I am still having issues sending data when changing pages…

I create new thing “Buyer” on page 1. It adds 2 fields. Cool.

I change pages and choose to send data “Current User’s Buyer”

On page 2, I create 4 new fields in the Buyer.

I look at the data on the back end and these show up as 2 separate Buyers (2 from page 1 as one, the 4 from page 2 as another).

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Can you put what you are trying to do in the forum app ?

Might be easier to help that way.

I made my site public and I don’t mind people seeing exactly what I am doing. I think I just have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to link changes and new things to a particular user. It just creates new entries each time.

I really appreciate the help!

No worries :slightly_smiling:

The problem is that “Current User’s Buyer” isn’t set, not quite sure what it is sending, but it may not be the buyer you created in step 1.

What you probably want to do is add an extra step before the page redirect, that sets the Buyer created in step 2 to the user created in Step 1.

So “Make Changes to Current User”.

Let me know how you get on, and will have another look.

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Thank you. That makes logical sense and will try it. Am I doing something wrong with my data types? I have a User with field called Buyer that’s field type is a Buyer and a Buyer with a field called User that’s field type is a user.

So when I go to set the Buyer to the User like you suggest, I am having to do:

Is that the correct way to do things. I think this may be part of my problem too. Thanks again!

You have only just set the user up, so they won’t yet have a Buyer. So set the Buyer you created in step 2 to the Current user (which should be the user you created in step 1).

Pointing the User at the Buyer, and vice-versa isn’t wrong at all. It might make some searches easier in the future.

Great. Thank you so much!

One last thing so I better understand “result of step”. What makes that much different from creating a new thing and then modifying that thing in another step? Is it linking the two steps together in a different way?