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[SOLVED] Stripe checkout for logged out user

Does a user of my Bubble app have to be logged in in order to checkout with Skype?

The Bubble app I’m working on doesn’t really have a good reason to require users to sign up, but I do want to use Stripe checkout in the app.

When I try to use the “Collect the users CC information” action I get the following error…“Sorry, you need to be logged in and have entered an email to complete this transaction. Please log in and try again…”

The reason I’d rather not use the “Charge the current user” action instead is because that action seems to trigger a page that doesn’t load on my custom domain, but instead loads on a domain.

If you use the collect CC action, users definitely need to be logged in, since we need to know where to save the card info, and if the user isn’t logged in we don’t know who he is.

So you should be using charge current user. Have you set it up with checkout? It should just work. If not, can you show us what happens?

When I use the “charge current user” action in a workflow, the shows up on the stripe checkout page instead of my custom domain. See the URL in the screenshot below.

When you ask “have I set it up with checkout”, what are you referring to exactly? Maybe I skipped a step somewhere.

I see where I made the mistake. I needed to set the Stripe for style to checkout popup. That solved the issue.

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How do I set it up to use checkout?