Stripe collect signup info

Hi Bubble Community,

To avoid reinventing the wheel, are there pre-made templates to collect credit card and personal info for stripe when signing users up?

Thank you

Hey @jasonturo :wave:

Check out the Bubble Stripe Plugin. It makes it super easy. You make a button to charge the user and it takes the user over to Stripe to process the payment. Just make sure to use v3 so it’s SCA Compliant. Couldn’t be simpler. It also looks great.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks, @J805. I figured that out, however only after creating several other options and workflow attempts. Thanks though.

Seem to get an error when running the bubble stripe plugin workflows of ‘collecting cc’ and ‘subscribing to plan’. However, if I immediately retry, it works, so it seems to always want two attempts (like it’s creating the user in stripe the first time and second time charging the card). Any suggestions?

Your credit card information was successfully saved (but not charged at this time)

Thanks so much

Hi @J805,
I followed your recommendation and switched over to v3 to see if that might help with the error I posted above. However, the ‘Stripe collect cc’ action doesn’t appear to be available in this version (screenshot below). Is there another way to collect cc that I am probably overlooking?

Thanks so much for your help and have an awesome New Years!
Jason T

Hey @jasonturo

When you charge the user it collects the CC information automatically. It’s all in one step. You don’t need to do a separate action. Just use the action “Charge the current user”.

Hope that helps. :blush:

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