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[solved] Teamwork API Authentification


I’m a complete beginner with that API stuff.

I try to connect to Teamwork PM and tried e. g. this, for sure, with my correct API KEY:

and got this:

They have a documentation, but this is not clear for me:

See also here:

Can anybody help?

Thank you

You need to put your API-token in the header, not parameters.
Or, you could try this:
In the url address, type: https://YOURAPITOKEN:[email protected]/projects.json

In the header you must also add the following:
key: Content-Type:
value: application/json

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This post details how to send the Basic auth in the header.

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If you’re still seeing this message can you file a bug report?

Hi @pnodseth, hi @NigelG

sorry for my late response, but I just saw the feedback of Emmanuel in my mail inbox and thought I need to start a support ticket. What I wanted to do at this moment as I was looking in this thread again.

But pnodseth solved 7 days ago just 90 minutes after my question this issue. Thank you very much for helping me so fast an perfectly.

I’m looking forward to see the further results. Thank you all.

Best regards