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Data filed in post api call

Hi, i’m new in bubble and i’m blocking on some api function.

I’m working with a external api and, for connection, a receive a token (GET call). This token is registered in database.
To do my Post call i need to pass my token by authorization bearer.
My question is : how to input my token (in database) in api call ?

Last question, i want to show a text that’s writing “connection api ok”. I understand that i need to hide the text before connection and with a condition show it.

but i don’t know to do it, to set the good parameter in condition.

Thank you for you help.

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Make sure the Authorization Header is NOT PRIVATE. When testing, use any valid token. When adding this action to your app’s workflows, that’s where you input dynamic data.

Hello, thank you for your answer. i don’t set my token data field in the value key ? Can you show me where in my app’s workflows i input dynamic data ? thank you.

Once you successfully initialize (test) your API call, the action will show up here in the “Plugins” section:

Select your API call action. Then you’ll see where you can input the dynamic date.

For the Authorization header, you’ll input something like this:

Bearer User’s token

You need to correctly initialize your API call before thinking about dynamic data.

Ok cool :), i will try and i will give your a feedback soon. thank you :slight_smile:

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