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SOLVED The page didn't load the Google Maps correctly

Hello guys

I’m having a small issue,related to Google Maps
Once i setup my domain, i got this issue:

On Bubble domain it works fine
I’m using this code:
Link to page:

if you look in the console …

There are several things that are not right.


i have seen that but i can’t really figure out why is not working.
is this code correct?
src=“ Key&callback=initMap”>

The problem is related to the HTML block where for some reason the API key is included more than once. Enable iframe and try again

Thats was the issue. Thank you @AliFarahat
Thank you @NigelG for showing me the issues in the console :slight_smile:

Hi @AliFarahat,

sorry to ask but i have an issue with google maps too. I am in bubble preview and since yesterday I got this issue :

So I went into the javascript console and it shows me this :

so, i followed the google instructions, but it doesn’t work, i’m missing something but i don’t know what and how to fixed this… I’m quite frustrated, i was supposed to launch my app today…
I created multiple keys but it doesn’t want to work…

could you please help me on this one ? i am completely lost…

thank you very much !

Can you DM me a link to the editor? I will have a look

I have same issue. how did you guys solved it?

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Hi Guys

I am having this issue but in my case the error is RefererNotAllowedMapError. I added the referral sites in the google console but that was no help.

I did notice that in this error I don’t get the url that is not authorize to use this api key.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Thanks to guide me to the light!!! :smiley: Problem solved!!!

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The current URL loading the Google Maps JavaScript API has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. Please check the referrer settings of your API key on the Google Developers Console.

yep that was it